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Monday, November 9, 2009

About Salesforce Bot
This is quick and easy way to access your organization data. Currently it supports GET method to access your org data. These days we all use chat windows like most popular Gtalk. So, there should be one tool which can easily plugged into our daily used GTalk and whenever we want to access our organization data , we can just click on our “salesforce bot GTalk contact” and fire a GET method. It will instantly provide the response. Isn’t it good!!!


Here is a sample demo and steps you can try quickly. (The demo below using my developer org for your examples)

  1. Just add ‘’ into your GTalk contacts.
  2. Accept ‘Yes’, if it ask
  3. Click on this ‘’ simply like you click any contact to chat.
  4. Fire some queries like example given below

GET Account Id, Name, BillingState

GET Contact Id, Name, Email [Email like '**']

GET Case Id, CaseNumber, Status [Status = 'Closed']

Isn’t It exiting :)

How to setup for your Organization

  1. Just get the code from here or Install package from here.
  2. Create a public site page pointing to ‘Bot’ page like this.


  1. Now its time to create your bot.
  2. Got to
  3. Create an account and bot for yourself . Link
  4. Point the above public site url to your bot site address.
  5. You will get a new bot created something like this <your_name>
Just add your bot in GTalk and start exploring

How to use Salesforce Bot:

Currently Salesforce Bot supports only GET method. Here is the syntax for it:

GET <<Object>> <<Fields>> <<[Condition]>>


GET Account Id,Name,BillingState [Name like ‘*Uni*’ and BillingState = ‘CA’]

GET EmployeMatrix__c Id,Phone__c,Salary__c [Salary__c > 10000]

Future Salesforce Bot:

Currently Salesforce Bot supports only GET method. I am planning to extend it to support more methods like below:-

  1. ADD

    1. ADD Employee__c Set Name = 'John', Salary__c = 4000


    1. UPDATE EmployeeMatrix__c Set Salary__c = 5000 [Name = ‘Mac’]


    1. REMOVE EmployeeMatrix__c [Name = ‘Mac’]

  4. SUM

    1. SUM EmployeeMatrix__c Salary__c [Division = ‘Production’]

  5. AVG

    1. AVG Employee__c Salary__c [Account__c = ‘Emirates’]

  6. MAX

    1. MAX EmployeeMatrix__c Salary__c [Division = ‘Production’]

  7. MIN

    1. MIN EmployeeMatrix__c Salary__c [Division = ‘Production’]

  8. COUNT

    1. COUNT CASE [Status = ‘Open]

  9. I am open to any new ideas :) …..

Dream Salesforce Bot:

Along with Future Salesforce Bot planning I have also planned for a ‘Dream Salesforce Bot’. It will provide many more general useful things from your organizations. Here are some:

1. SHOW Dashboard

2. CHART OpenOpportunity

3. EMAIL Case [Number=1111] #subject# #body#

4. RUN MACRO CloseCase

5. I am open to any new ideas
:) …..

Please provide your value able responses on this if you find it useful. For any further queries please contact me:-


This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
NOTE:- This software uses public site feature of salesforce in order to fetch data from the org.
Please ensure your org security concerns before using the Software.


Aslam Bari